wishing you a smile and happy painting

A good painting may come quickly, but there is a great deal of hard work and endurance to master red, yellow and blue.
— susan elwart hall

I do not like to tell my story, I am just Susan with a smile and a good hardy laugh. Sometimes I think I should market my laugh and give up on my art, but my right hand just won’t let me. As a child I enjoyed sketching and doodling in timeout. I spent many of my younger years grounded and for good reason. The girls played with the girls and I played with the boys, and I was having way more fun as I explored the Midwest.

I ventured into Art school as a very green student with only a single painting under my belt, but somehow they let me in. However I thought I could paint with little instruction and no money and that is just what I did. I fumbled into advertising and did my part for the economy luring you to buy stuff. After years in the marketing industry I ran an inn for a while and would escape my duties to take drawing classes at the community center. The artist in my soul came alive once again. I figured I had nothing to loose and I should pursue my dream. The path was paved in gold only it was painted gold. It was difficult to even dream of painting a picture. After I placed my working badge in the bottom drawer I began the hard work. Studying with master artists at workshops was daunting to my humble beginnings but I pressed on.

At the community center I learned of Bob Gerbracht in San Francisco who came with high reviews, I knew I needed to work with one artist and find a foundation for my sea legs to stand on. Bob instilled in me the urgency to pay attention to my drawing. Draw, draw, draw till you are correct and only then can you paint.

I believe we all take a journey of stardom and success in what we love. I have many failed paintings and still produce them from time to time, but with each one I have learned. I am an optimist for I know I will express my inner glow on canvas. My reward is always trying to do what I can and sooner or later I will master it.