Little Tub, Big Lug

I just found out my Little Tub, Big Lug is a finalist for the June 2016 Emerging Artist category of the Art Muse Contest. Thank you so much juror, Lori Putnam.



Love this design. It’s a tough one to pull off, and this artist succeeded. At first, you do not know, or for that matter care, what the dark mass is behind the main boat. Then you see it and it is brilliant. This artist’s use of neutrals placed against stronger colors gives the piece a sense of chroma without overstatement. We know the water in light is colorful, even though when looked at closely, it is a blue/grey mixture. The under-stain of violet in the cast shadow has been tempered with blue green in the same value. When measured, both are quite neutral but they vibrate, resulting beautiful color when placed together. Similar relationships are found in other areas of the painting as well. Additionally, the artist has used lost edges throughout where appropriate to keep the viewer interested, digging, and looking for more.
-juror, Lori Putnam.



The Guilded Box

I am Susan Elwart Hall, a self-proclaimed hardware store junkie. Hard work never scared me and I get satisfaction from getting my hands dirty. People occasionally laugh at my efforts, but when I find a new tool they use it. My latest find is from Staples, the Aluminum Form Holder. I affectionately call it my Guilded box. My goal was to downsize and simplify my tools- as I am always on the go and often live out of my car as I search for landscapes to paint.

Believe me I have tried a variety of products looking and this simplistic approach is the key to many of my latest field studies.

I hope you give it a try, who knows you might find a treasure as I have with the Guilded Box – a steal of tool for under $25. I don’t leave the house without it. 

Get Up Dear Friend

Get up Dear Friend 6"x12  - oil on canvas

Get up Dear Friend 6"x12  - oil on canvas

I recently spent some time on the Mendocino coast, with a paintbrush in hand practically the entire trip and therefore a perpetual smile on my face. I did 18 paintings in just a week and loved every moment. One of my favorites from this trip, get up dear friend, will always make me chuckle.

Upon finishing this painting I was approached by a gentleman who I thought was a fellow artist… but turned out to be a homeless man.

I greeted him and asked, “Is there other secret spots like this one in the area?” He replied, “Yes, at the State Park just a mile up the road.” He then looked me up and down in my painting gear (which was not clean, why would it be) and said, “You can get a shower for seven dollars there and stay till ten!” I smiled and left.

I guess I look worse then I though in my painting gear? Who has time to put together an outfit when there are blank canvases waiting in the car.