Get Up Dear Friend

Get up Dear Friend 6"x12  - oil on canvas

Get up Dear Friend 6"x12  - oil on canvas

I recently spent some time on the Mendocino coast, with a paintbrush in hand practically the entire trip and therefore a perpetual smile on my face. I did 18 paintings in just a week and loved every moment. One of my favorites from this trip, get up dear friend, will always make me chuckle.

Upon finishing this painting I was approached by a gentleman who I thought was a fellow artist… but turned out to be a homeless man.

I greeted him and asked, “Is there other secret spots like this one in the area?” He replied, “Yes, at the State Park just a mile up the road.” He then looked me up and down in my painting gear (which was not clean, why would it be) and said, “You can get a shower for seven dollars there and stay till ten!” I smiled and left.

I guess I look worse then I though in my painting gear? Who has time to put together an outfit when there are blank canvases waiting in the car.